“Andrea Lynn is everything you could ask for in a recipe developer. She follows the instructions to a tee when testing, then integrating ingredients or techniques to improve upon the recipe. Better yet, the recipe’s results are given back in a timely manner as promised. I would wholeheartedly recommend her recipe testing abilities.” – Monica Bhide, cookbook author.

wasabi-fried-chicken“Andrea Lynn is one of the best recipe developers I’ve ever worked with. Her attention to detail and creativity are impeccable, but the best part of her recipes is that they always taste amazing. Andrea is great at identifying food trends and then creating unique recipes that are somehow accessible and complex at the same time. But her true understanding of ingredients—however obscure—and range of cooking genres is what sets her apart from the rest.” — Amanda Altman, Managing Editor, Chile Pepper magazine

“Andrea has been a great editor to work with over the past couple of years. She is willing to take risks with writers, has a thoughtful and precise editing technique, is an advocate when needed, and knows a great recipe (as well as a mediocre one) on sight. She’s also a strong writer in her own right. I recommend Andrea without reservation or hesitation.” – Kara Newman, freelancer and Chile Pepper magazine contributor

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